Dominate with The 3-3-5 Defense

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Coach Simple. Play Fast. Win.

Attack your toughest opponents with a simple defensive scheme that your players have confidence executing on the field on Game Day.

Learn how to create defensive fronts using the base calls in your 33 Stack System to adapt to any offense without any new install.

Keep it SIMPLE, so your players can play FAST. Faster players WIN more games.

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Tired of Watching Your Players Play Slow and Soft?

Last season your guys were confused. Sometimes they looked like they'd never been coached. You start to wonder if you're doing it wrong. Are you even a good coach!?

The fact that you've made it this far tells me that you are. And there's a SIMPLE solution to the problem.

It's the Coach Simple, Play Fast, Win Philosophy of coaching that Joe Daniel Football is built on. That The 33 Stack Defensive System is built on.

Right now, you can get Instant Access to the Coaching Football's 3-3-5 Defense eBook to learn the foundations of this aggressive, flexible defensive scheme. Proven effective at Youth, Middle School, High School, Semi-Pro and College levels.

Core Philosophy and Alignment of the 3-3-5 Defense

Learn why the 3-3-5 Defense and the Coach Simple, Play Fast, Win philosophy will work for your football team this season. Find out where to position your players for maximum suffocation of any offensive attack.

Player Personnel for The 33 Stack Defense System

Put all of your players in the right positions so that they excel on the field. Get the most productivity out of your roster by filling out every spot on the defense with your Best 11.

Complete Blitz and Coverage Packages

Keys and Reads for each position. Base Blitz Packages. Full Coverage Package to create the No Fly Zone. Plus the Zone Blitz Package when you need to dial up the heat.

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