Play Fast and Dominate on Defense This Season with The 33 Stack Defense System

Hey Coach, let me guess...

You want to win football games. Dominate on Defense.

But on Game Day, your defensive players are playing slow. They look soft. Scared to make the tackle.

You worked hard all week. Now these guys look like they’ve never been coached.

It’s embarrassing.

You’re at a loss. Your team just feels completely over-matched.

You know that the ‘Coach’ is supposed to get these guys to win. You’re not giving up. Your players work as hard as any other team.

You work as hard as any other coach. You’re willing to work even harder… if it’d help.

Sometimes it feels like the only way you’re going to turn it around is to get lucky. To get some stud players who match up to the top dogs in your league. But your guys are your guys.

I know that feeling. I know what it’s like to be standing on the sidelines. Embarrassed.

The team can’t even line up right. They’re lost. And we didn’t look that way in practice all week!

You just can’t help feeling like you’re letting them down.

I’ve also worked with thousands of coaches over the last 10 years who felt the exact same way.

Coaches who eventually did turn it around. Win games. Including multiple State Champions.

Ready to Coach Simple, Play Fast and Win? The 33 Stack Defensive System with Joe Daniel Football is going to put you on the path to Victory. It’s a simple 4-step process…

Sign up for Instant Access to the 33 Stack Defense System.

Get all the fronts, stunts, blitzes and coverage package you need to win football games included in a printable playbook.

Study the 6 Module Video Clinic

Learn the critical principles and coaching points as you rebuild your defensive philosophy from the ground, up. No matter what your level of experience, this System makes you an EXPERT at the 33 Stack Defense.

Follow the Install Schedule Practice Plans

Complete Install Schedule and Practice Plans to get your players ready. All drills are included to build your fundamentals and get flawless execution.

Dominate on Defense.

Be ready for any Offensive Attack on Game Day. A simple, sound defensive System is able to adapt to any opponent without major adjustments. Your kids are confident in their jobs. Confident players play fast. Fast kids win more games.

There’s nothing to lose. You can check out the System with a No-Risk 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. No Contract. Cancel any time with one-click on-site cancellation.

And you can keep any downloaded materials. Even after you are no longer a client.

All you need to do is click the ‘Buy Now’ button for the package that best suits your needs below. You’ll get Instant Access to the Complete 33 Stack Defensive System.

Get the results on the field you’re looking for.

Players play faster. Faster players play more aggressive.

Your defense looks prepared to win every week because the System adapts to any Offense.

Shorter, more productive practices. No more ‘Flavor of the Week’ defense installs.

Players and Coaches are more enthusiastic. High energy. Everyone knows what needs to be done to win football games.

Shut down even your toughest opponents on Game Day.

Win Football Games.

Don’t spend another season feeling embarrassed. Watching your defense play soft, slow and confused.

Get the 33 Stack Defensive System right now. Start turning your Football team around.

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